Amazing New Custom Jewelry Display  

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My Custom Jewelry Display-

I am so excited about my new jewelry display! I had it custom made by a woodworker friend of mine. I had looked and looked for the perfect display that would be easy to transport to craft shows and set up. Since I couldn't find one, I had to design my own. I am delighted with how it turned out. Unfortunately (only since I love this one and want to use it right away), I had this one made for my sister who does shows for me, but I am having a larger version made for myself soon.
This one is designed to fit inside a rolling crate (bought at Staples) for easy transport. It is about 20" tall and 13.5" wide when closed. As you can see- it holds a lot . It should hold at least 30 (3 1/2" long- business card size) earring cards. I have a piece of foam that fits snugly over the jewelry and keeps the jewelry in place when the case is closed. If you are interested in having one made- I'm sure my woodworker friend could make one for you too!
You can contact me for pricing, etc..

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