Product Spotlight- Liver of Sulfur Gel  

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New! Liver of Sulfur Patina Gel:

This new form of Liver of Sulfur from Cool Tools is my best find yet! If you patina your silver or other metals with LOS, likely you've run into the problem of the dry lump LOS going bad. It works great when you first get it but it has a shelf life-degrading when exposed to air. I just got my new LOS patina gel and am off to give it a try.

Here is what the maker Cool Tools says about their new product:
"Cool Tools Patina Gel is liver of sulfur in a stabilized gel form. Not only is it the most convenient, easiest way to use liver of sulfur, but amazingly it does not degrade in light and air the way the lump form does. Dry liver of sulfur is very unstable and goes dead in a few hours if left uncovered or exposed to light. Liver of sulfur in liquid form is even more unstable. Cool Tools Patina Gel is stable, so even if the lid has been left off, it will remain fresh."

Also, check out their video on how to patina your metal included at the bottom of the page for ordering this product.

Increasing Your Google Base  

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Summer is in full swing and so is the busy selling season. I haven't posted as regularly as I'd like, but came across this information on Google base, that I just had to share. Google Base is the database that Google uses for its “shopping” search. By following the tutorial kindly created by Kathryn Maloney on her Great Panes Blog you can create a RSS feed of your products onto Google. As we all know, the more that your products are visible, the more traffic will be driven to your site. If you get the Etsy newsletter, you probably saw the link to this information which was provided by Katheryn Maloney. If not, I'd recommend you not just bookmark this but click on the free tutorial below and start expanding your Google Base.

What is Google Base? Click here to find out more and how to have your Etsy or other website products scheduled to automatically be uploaded onto Google

Google Base Tutorial

Another helpful resource for getting your products on Google base for fellow Etsians is:
Let's Ets - A tool for Etsy Sellers