Tutorial: How to Insert a Saw Blade in a Jeweler's Saw  

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This tutorial really should be called:

Threading your jewelers saw without slicing your finger.

Yesterday, I was threading my saw and ran my finger up the wrong way against the teeth of the blade. Ouch!!
Barb Macy from Accent Yourself Jewelry brings this much needed reminder of the correct way to thread a jewelers saw. Watch her Tutorial video for her simple and helpful explanation.

Thanks Barb, for this great tutorial! If you would like to learn more about Barb, listen to how she got started, in her own words:

"A few years ago, my friend introduced me to jewelry making, as we sat at her kitchen table and made simple beaded bracelets. After that, I was hooked and completely obsessed with beads and jewelry making...and I don't even wear that much jewelry!  I started out by using base metal components, glass beads and doing simple stringing & wire wrapping.

Since then, I've taken a couple of metalsmithing courses at a university and have continuously practiced and sharpened my jewelry making skills. Now, I primarily work with sterling & fine silver, but also can't look away from all the pretty beads. I enjoy cutting, soldering, doing chain maille, and anything that involves my torch & other fun tools."

Barb Macy's Etsy shop, www.accentyourself.etsy.com has an ecclectic collection of sterling silver jewelry. To check out Barb's other fantastic jewelry making tutorials, please check out her blog at: www.accentyourself.blogspot.com. A gallery of her work is available on her website, www.accentyourself.com.

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A quick way to remember the direction of the saw blade is teeth down and facing out- down and out.

January 23, 2009 at 12:59 PM

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