Cost Effective Earring Card Idea  

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Jewelry Business Tip:
I've been spending so much time printing out earring cards, cutting them, and needed something that was easier and more efficient. I came across an idea from another jewelry designer to have the earring cards printed as business cards from Vista Print. It was really inexpensive and works wonderfully. All you need to do is take your earring card design and upload it into their business card design program and flip it so the design is vertical vs. horizontal. If you need help coming up with a design for your cards there are lots of designers on Etsy who would design one for you for a good price. I used For Keeps, a graphic designer on Etsy that was great to work with and will customize a card to your business style. I had my cards printed with a matte finish so that I could write on the front. However, glossy would look fabulous and isn't that much more expensive. You could even have some info about your components or how you design your jewelry printed on the back. Don't forget your web address! This is a great place to advertise your website. If you need a website, I'd recommend Web Store Now (very easy to use, economical, and all-inclusive).

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