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If you are going to sell products on the web you inevitably find that you can have the greatest website, blog, or products but unless you can drive traffic to your site, your products can remain an undiscovered treasure. I recommend a three prong approach. The first thing every business needs is a place for potential customers to view and/or purchase your products. If you sell you jewelry, for instance, at craft fairs or other venues, a web presence will make you look more professional and provide a way for people to shop your product from anywhere in the world. You can use a great site builder like Web Store Now to easily create an affordable and professional full e-commerce site yourself or have it built for you for a small investment.

The second thing that I would recommend is to create a blog. A blog is a great way to promote your site, increase traffic to your site, and catalog useful information pertaining to your products. Your blog should be business oriented and interesting, but not be about the recent tricks you just taught your dog. If you want a personal blog, create a different blog and use it for that purpose.
I recommend a site called Blogger Buster for some great tips and templates to create a fabulous looking blog.
The third suggestion is to start a store on a site like Etsy. It is free except your listing/selling fees, which are very low. Many people just have an Etsy site but doing that does limit the customers that you will have. A customer must be a member of Etsy to purchase and typically must use PayPal. Having both Etsy and a website allows you more flexibility. Your website can be very customized and have any information that you wish, whereas Etsy only allows a short profile and intro. Your website also allows you to have a domain name like www.mystore.com and email accounts (yourname@mystore.com) that are specific to your site. Having all three of these resources provides a well rounded way to drive traffic to your site and different mediums to get out the word about how great your products are and why your customer can't live without them. Best of luck with your business!!

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I have been reading blogger buster for a while now and I have used many of her suggestions.
I love your blog layout by the way. I really need the three columns myself.

May 21, 2008 at 12:16 AM


Thanks for the advice. I have a website and a new blog and have been thinking about Etsy. You have inspired me to forge ahead. Thanks for giving me that last push! Also your jewelry is awesome. LOVE the peapod earrings! So fun!

February 17, 2009 at 11:23 AM

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