Do headers give you a headache?  

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If you are ready for a fresh and fun new header then you definitely need to check out Pixel Cafe- a great one stop shopping place for custom headers. If you are not sure what a "header" is then you can doubly benefit from having one professionally created. A header is the graphic that tops your web page, blog, Etsy shop, etc... and is key to grabbing the potential shopper or readers attention and keeping them on your site.
Pixel Cafe offers a large selection of custom graphics for your header, avatar, etc.. The great thing about this shop is that Pixel Cafe will incorporate your business name and theme providing you with a unique and custom look.

In her profile the owner of Pixel Cafe describes her shop and design style. She says, "I am a full time graphic designer and design everything from avatars to web design and just about everything in between. My tastes are a little bit more modern/contemporary. I love vintage and retro styles."
That definitely sounds right up my ally. I love the fun, whimsical, floral, and vintage style of Pixel Cafe. Visit Pixel Cafe at:

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